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~~ Spent Snart Skolepike ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, February 18, 2011


All this morning, my little five-year-old was like, a furball of energy.

You see, today was her “first day” of school. Not a real first day, but – like an hour of sitting inside a room with some of her future classmates getting a taste of the real school kinda. Or, you could also call it mommy’s wonderful excuse to actually bring out the DSLR for some much needed Amalie-photos ;p


It’s a wonderful excuse for me to try out some new stuff & showoff the photos here as well..


Once we got to the school, she suddenly was hit by the solemn reality of it all…


We tried look for her big brother, but didn’t find him…she found this thing, though, which helped some on the nervousness.


But not entirely..there’s so many BIG, LOUD, UNKNOWN kids at the school!


And the principal might have looked somewhat fearsome for a five year old…
(she wasn’t really, she was a nice lady with a nice accent and nice dress)


They got to sing, draw and write their own names though..and even got homework with them!

(to add more drawings in their books)


Maybe school isn’t that scary at all…?

When we were done we went to the mall, hit the library, then the huge sale at the bookstore (det er mammutsalg nå folkens!) where we scored books for me, Amalie and Adrian, bought ice cream and took the bus home.



listening: to myself on tape…I’ve gotten over how weird I sound (a bit), right now I’m rather focused on the fact that I start every sentence with “eeh…” “eehh” “eeehh”….ugh! Need to change that habit into “so, let’s see..” “right,…” and stuff…I think… or nothing at all, just go straight to the questions..(working on the qualitative questionnaires)
eating: homemade pizza w/thin crust, fresh mozzarella, onions, prosciutto (parma ham <3), avocado & ruccola…..DAMN this thing rocks ;9 Oh, and I had a soft ice cream earlier today, yay me!
drinking: red wine…’s Friday..and water :)
wearing: my red, polkadot-tunica
feeling: proud (see images above)
weather: coldish
wanting: MORE RAM! (have 4gb, that was more than enough a few years ago :p) Argh. Lightroom & Photoshop opened together apparently takes between 97-98% of my physical memory..seriously? It eels like I haven’t done anything but upgrading stuff lately:(
needing: see “wanting”
thinking: how weird it’ll be when my little baby is going to start school this Fall…..sigh…
enjoying: having gotten some extra sleep this afternoon…but…am still tired :/
wondering: why I always have to be this tired almost all the time :/


Psst….have Crate Paper-stuff lying around and like sketches? Join this month’s Crate Paper-sketch! The stuff doesn’t have to be newer Crate Paper, either – so – what are you waiting for? Stop hoarding, start using! ;p

I’ll share the rest of the layout here later this weekend, but for now, drop by this post to see the sketch, this layout and the other stuff the team did w/the sketch :)

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Spent Snart Skolepike ~~'

  1. Ellen* Said,'> 10:09 PM

    Åh - store jenta!:o) Så flotte bilder fra førskoledagen.


  2. Eli Said,'> 12:27 AM

    Fine Amalie :) - og ja; det er rart når minstemann begynner på skolen; da har man liksom ikke små barn lenger (men de er nå litt små lell; en stund til i alle fall i mammas hode og hjerte <3 ) Og yey for recorderen forresten! :)


  3.'> 1:26 AM

    Great photos! Sounds like you made a bit of a scary day for Amalie into a fun day. The first step is always the hardest.


  4. Catrine Said,'> 8:14 AM

    Er hun virkelig blitt så stor!?! Tenk det - snart skolejente!
    Skjønner godt det var både skummelt og spennende!
    Flotte bilder!
    Og ha en herlig helg! *klem*


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