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~~I’ll never be good enough ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, February 11, 2011


Oh, how I love the Toy Box-collection from Crate Paper! It’s so lovely retro!


I had to create a card for my dad’s birthday, so I whipped out this collection and thought it’d be perfect for not-so-small-boys too :) Love the stickers and tags and papers and buttons..uh…everything in this collection :)


I decorated the inside w/a tag from Elle’s Studio aswell :)


The card also holds a giftcard :)


11.02.2011 (look, a palindrome!)

listening: “Make me wanna die” – The Pretty Reckless
eating: uh..nothing yet..going to bake this soon though :)
drinking: water (I got this app called Waterlogged, in which I record how much I drink..the default recommends 2 000 ml of water a day, I’ve only managed half or 2/3 of that so far..I like the thought of recording how much water I drink, though..if only tea also counted, then I’d certainly meet the daily requirements!)
wearing: my husbands sweater…cough..will shower and get properly dressed soon ;)
feeling: the eating question made me notice that I am a bit hungry indeed..:p
weather:  Crisp, sunny and COLD
wanting: …something to eat soon woulda been good donchathink
needing: sigh here I come :p
thinking: About the Ministry of Education and Research’s decision on closing down three out of four deaf schools in Norway.. :/ Am highly critical to their reasons and the consequences of this decision >< Here’s a response on this decision written by someone who’s deaf himself – it was printed in, called “En døv barndom”.
enjoying: Reading an old classmate’s master thesis – on hard of hearing children’s experiences on transferring school from their local (hearing) ones to schools for deaf (found here – in Norwegian). The rendition of the informants own experiences can be found from page 25. I am left with an enjoyment of reading the work of someone I was close to when we grew up, as well as the enjoyment of reading about something that’s close to me personally (as I’ve attended deaf schools all my childhood). I’m also left with curiousness as to why some of the children she initially mentions chose to go back to their local schools (but that’s another study), and thinking that everything isn’t double rainbows either – I recall children who changed schools (to ours) and weren’t “good enough” in sign language also were (from my perspective) somewhat outsiders at the deaf school – at least in the beginning. How they went on from there sort of depended on their personalities and stuff.
wondering: how to fully uninstall certain softwares, hrm…(selfproclaimed pc-nerds, feel free to get in touch…I.Need.Help!)


ParentesFantomet Said,

9:47 PM

Utrolig koselige bilder, så dyktig du er. Kanskje jeg skal hyre deg til en fotosession neste gang vi treffes?
Drømmer er merkelige saker gitt. Håper drømmene roer seg litt.

Drømmer er merkelige saker, ja!! Hrmf!

Det hadde vært koselig! Du har jo Christine da, hun er jo superdyktig og kjenner også mange dyktige der :)


Have a lovely weekend, I’ll be off tonight enjoying food and some crafty creativity at Banglamarie’s place :)


Title: Make me wanna die – The Pretty Reckless

7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~I’ll never be good enough ~~'

  1. Sasha Farina Said,'> 1:41 PM

    got some food inside yet?


  2. Trude Julie Said,'> 2:28 PM

    Takk for responsen :D
    Christine er kul og flink hun. Jeg er litt Ole Brumm for tiden "ja takk, begge deler".
    Waterlogged høres ut som en smart app. Tror jeg må laste den ned.
    God helg


  3. Ellen* Said,'> 2:51 PM

    Hey - da sees vi hos Bangla da!:o) Du tar vel med strikketøyet...!;o)


  4. Heidi Said,'> 10:55 PM papirene fra Crate Paper ser ut til å bli ett MUST!!!! Ha en flott helg!


  5.'> 1:13 AM

    You made me hungry now talking about food! Love the masculine card.


  6.'> 2:53 PM

    digger fargene du har brukt, og du får med så mange herlige detaljer.....knallknall...


  7. banglamarie Said,'> 4:24 PM

    Takk for en koselig kveld i går og takk igjen for de lekre bildene. Nå har vi kost oss med å kikke gjennom hele familien :) Gleder meg til å overbringe de fine DVD-kortene. Du er så flink altså. Ikke noe tilfeldig. Alt så fint :)
    Takk. *klem*


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