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~~ Photosession: Banglamarie ++ ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, February 05, 2011

I spent some time this afternoon with these young ladies, and a couple of teddybears..

Not to mention these Littlest Pet Shops (my little girl was impressed by the numbers of pets displayed (54), and started counting her own (12) – and looking for “her” pets in the picture..apparently she has three of the pets in this picture :) )..

These are Banglamaries girls. Beautiful, gorgeous girls who were a pure pleasure to have in front of the camera.

I’m not sure what it is with me as it seems like I keep attracting crazy, weird families….

I actually like this picture a lot, I find the tongue and tooth-tapping pretty cute :)

Love the happiness and love that radiates from this picture :)

Now, I never thought I’d see a picture like this on my blog. Brann is the soccer-team of this city, and ..uh..well… I’m not into soccer you see, but… gotta admit the enthusiasm is cute :)

And well, you can’t go wrong with cute girls, can you?

Not everybody wanted to be taken picture of :(
Still…I like the intimacy of this picture..

And finally….Karius & Baktus have found a new friend! =)


Right. Done culling, just wanted to share these – will start the real editing tomorrow :)


And – todays feelings:


listening: *in zerg voice* spawn more overlordssss (I love imitating zerg phrases in my zerg-voice, much to my husbands (un)amusement :) )
eating: beef!
drinking: Right now: A bottle of water I forgot to drink earlier today. Soon: Hot cocoa with minimarshmellows!
wearing: same old same old
feeling: slightly exhausted and mostly tired
weather:  sucky >< (wet snow)
wanting: To know why my D700 seem to be heavy on the red/magenta-tones – is it a common problem with D700, or is it just my screen fooling me? HMM. Using the “Camera D2X Mode beta 2”-profile in LR3 seem to offset it a bit, but it still requires some extra editing in CS4.
needing: New wellies. Definitely. Tired of walking around w/wet socks. A new calibrating tool wouldn’t hurt either, I guess…along with a manual that’s easier to comprehend :p
thinking: That I’ll hopefully fix that problem (the wellies one) on monday :p
enjoying: editing photos from todays photosession (see above)
wondering: why I didn’t buy myself some wine for tonight ><

15 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Photosession: Banglamarie ++ ~~'

  1. banglamarie Said,'> 10:30 PM

    Kjempemoro å se Ania. Du er så flink!! Jeg gleder meg til å se flere bilder. Takk for at du ville være med oss i dag!
    Stor klem :)


  2. Maren Said,'> 10:41 PM

    Wow! Så fantastiske bilder du har tatt.. Som alltid! ♥


  3. Ellen* Said,'> 11:04 PM

    Så herlige bilder! Som vanlig!:o) Fotballbildet med pappa'n var helt herlig. Det med gutt og bestefar (?) var óg kjempefint. Jeg har "fotoshoot med Ania" på min ønskeliste også. Det kommer nok en bestilling før eller seinere:o)


  4. Heidi Said,'> 11:18 PM

    Utrolig herlige levende bilder!!! Du er en kanon fotograt Ania!!!!! Rop ut om du skal på disse kanter...herved oppdrag bestilt i så fall!!!!


  5. Sonja Said,'> 11:43 PM

    Kjempeflotte bilder!


  6. Eli Said,'> 11:54 PM

    Hahaha - hvilken familie kan det være du tenker på :P Håper ingen zoombier holder deg våken i natt ;) Du er flink til å ta studiobilder også; selv om du ikke syns det er det du kan best selv! Klem


  7.'> 1:22 AM

    These photos are adorable! I've seen Banglamarie's blog and love the beautiful knitted items she makes, although everything is in Norwegian and I can't understand a word. Perhaps you can pass on to her how talented I thinks she is. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. We're having snowy,icy, rainy weather here.


  8. Anne-Britt Said,'> 2:50 AM

    Utrolig flotte bilder du har tatt. Gleder meg til å se flere. Du er virkelig dyktig ;)


  9. Fauve Design Said,'> 11:02 AM

    Gorgeous pictures,i love them!And the facts are so much fun :)


  10. HegeAL Said,'> 1:19 PM

    For noen utrolig flotte bilder!! Heldige er de som har deg som fotograf :-))

    Ha en fin søndag, Ania!!



  11. HegeAL Said,'> 1:20 PM

    ...må bare slenge brann bildene-->> hadde blitt sååå mye bedre med RBK skjerf og drakter. Bare så det er sagt *LOL*

    klem igjen :-)


  12.'> 5:46 PM

    i need new wellies too! Love the photos. Is your studio based at home?


  13. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 6:57 PM

    Kanonflotte bilder!!


  14. Aquarell Said,'> 9:00 PM

    Fantastisk flotte bilder! :)


  15.'> 11:45 PM

    Kjempe flotte bilder, Ania :D
    Synes du er kjempe flink, og masse herlige bilder har du tatt :D
    Tipper nok at Bangla er superfornøyd <3
    Keep up the good work ;)


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